The Starving Artist Cafe

The Starving Artist’s journey began when Tim & Angie Marshall decided to combine their passion for the arts and food in a family owned cafe back in 2001. Tim, a musician and singer, certainly knew about the hard times faced by those who sought to make a living through their artistic talents. But his beautiful wife had an artistic talent of her own that ensured Tim would never have to worry about becoming a “starving artist” – she was (and is) a virtuoso in the culinary arts.

It wouldn’t take long until the couple realized everyone deserved to enjoy her hand-crafted masterpieces – especially their fellow Starving Artists. Soups, sandwiches, dressings – real, affordable food prepared by hand and, of course, all natural. The Starving Artist Cafe has been filling the stomaches and entertaining the taste buds of not only fellow artists, but any that appreciate their masterpieces for over 15 years. Best of all, The Starving Artist has not forgotten its roots; rather, it values its place in the community, at times helping fellow artists by letting them display and sell their works to its dine-in customers and providing resources to those in need.

Much has changed over the years. Fellow artists have come and gone, landlords have changed, and Angie’s son Chris now is part of the team – making this now a multi-generational family-owned restaurant. What hasn’t changed is, like many artists, what the Starving Artist needs most: more exposure. The family hears all the time after people come in for their first visit, “Why haven’t we heard of you? This must be the best kept secret in Lyndon!” That’s why I am writing this testimonial for them. I will be forever grateful for my first job, back in 2004, a kid in his old pick-up truck making deliveries for Ms. Angie.

-Eric Sparks

PS: I recommend the Monet!